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Welcome to the Quad City World Affairs Council Inc. website. Briefly, here is our mission:

  • To foster global education and international understanding within the Quad Cities and beyond.

  • To further the citizens' understanding of the geo-political and economic interdependence of our world thereby promoting world peace.
  • To provide local business and industry the needed information to forge ties with their counterparts in the world.
  • To provide students of all ages the opportunity to learn about other nations of the world and develop respect for all peoples.
  • To create opportunities to experience and appreciate diverse cultures and customs of the world.

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Our next program (see events page for schedule:

Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC): A Model for Cooperation
TASMIHA KHAN, Founder of Brighter Dawns

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Speaker Bio and Event Information

About Tashmiha Khan and Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC)

Tasmiha Khan, a Muslim from Chicago, is an alumna of the Interfaith Youth Core. She is the founder of Brighter Dawns: a non-profit organization committed to helping solve health issues in slum communities in Bangladesh. Invited as a panelist to Brown University’s Social Enterprise Ecosystems Economic Development Conference and a speaker at Yale’s Global Health and Innovation Conference, Tasmiha was  2011’s Project for Peace Winner and was awarded a Dell Social Innovation Semifinalist Fellowship and 2012’s Sam Huntington Public Service Award. In 2012, Tasmiha obtained  her BA from Wesleyan University in Neuroscience & Behavior with Honors in Psychology. Intrigued by culture and emotion, Tasmiha engages in research projects examining devaluation among Muslim Americans in the last decade. With her varied interests, Tasmiha hopes to pursue a career in public health with a focus on social entrepreneurship.

The Interfaith Youth Core is a Chicago-based non-profit founded in 2002 by Eboo Patel, author of Acts of Faith. The organization’s stated mission is to make interfaith cooperation a social norm. Today it operates with approximately 30 full-time staff and a $4 million budget

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